They are using JSAGA


    The CHAIN Science Gateway has been built in the context of the EU CHAIN and CHAIN-REDS projects to demonstrate how the Science Gateway paradigm and standard adoption can make e-Infrastructures worldwide, based on different middleware and architectures (Grid, HPC, Cloud or simply local clusters), interoperable amongst each other, at user application level.

  • Data avenue

    The Data Avenue is a file commander tool for data transfer, enabling easy data moving between various storages services (such as grid, cloud, cluster, supercomputers) by various protocols: http, https, sftp, gsiftp, srm.


    MD-Paedigree is a Model-Driven Paediatric European Digital Repository

  • The GINSENG Project

    GINSENG project goal is to create a safe distributed database between medical sites.

  • neuGRID for you

    neuGRID is a web portal aimed to help neuroscientists do high-throughput imaging research, and provide clinical neurologists automated diagnostic imaging markers of neurodegenerative diseases for individual patient diagnosis.

  • WeNMR

    WeNMR is a worldwide e-Infrastructure for NMR and structural biology.


    The Vo Administration and operations PORtal is a generic tool to assist community managers and support teams in performing their daily grid-related activities