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bbFTP ChangeLog

  • 3.2.1

    • Fixes
      • Bug: Fix client crash when using IP adress instead of hostname
      • Bug: Fix implicit declaration issues in 64 bits
      • Bug: Remove gcc optimization flags (-O2) to avoid crash on Ubuntu 10.04 32 bit
  • 3.2.0

    • New features
      • New client program "bbftpstatus"
      • Add message STATUS to server in order to send to client "bbftpstatus"
      • Port to Darwin (by Andrew Goodney)
      • Port to SX (By Gilles Gallot)
    • Fixes
      • Bug: empty result file (*.res) with -m option
      • Bug: multiple IP addresses now works with SSH (by Gilles Gallot)
      • Configure: add --with-globus-flavor option (gcc32dbg by default)
  • 3.1.0

    • New features
      • Port to Solaris2.9
      • Support of Transfer URL (TURL) like 'bbftp://'
      • Support of 'dir', 'rm', 'stat' and 'df' remote operations
      • Multi IP addresses support: does not work with SSH (by Gilles GALLOT)
      • Support of secondary groups (by Gilles GALLOT)
      • Support of site configuration files (/etc/bbftp.conf and /etc/bbftpd.conf).
        WARNING: on the server side, the name of the user's configuration file has changed from '~/.bbftprc' to '~/.bbftpdrc'
      • build with PAM now optional
      • -u client option now optional in ssh mode
    • Fixes
      • Bug with big files put in a new HPSS directory
      • several bug fixes on AIX 5.2 (by Gilles GALLOT)
      • Server side: if both -f and -e are used, the listening control port is chosen in the range. moreover an additional option is now available in the configuration file: [no]fixeddataport
  • 3.0.2

    • New features
      • Port BBFTP client to Cygwin (by Petr Holub)
    • Fixes
      • Time-out problem while getting empty files
      • Change tmpfile name in order to avoid multiple access to the same file
      • Bugs with RFIO 64 bits
  • 3.0.1

    • New features
      • Add -D client option to enable non-passive mode between client > 3.x and server > 3.x (implemented by Dan Schrager)
      • Start/Shutdown script for the daemon
    • Fixes
      • In passive mode, it is now possible to use more than 1 data stream
      • Possible overflow of opened sockets now fixed
      • In case of storing failure, the father process unlinks the file, and not each child process like before
      • The client now computes the best number of data streams for PUT operations (fixed by Shuwei Ye)
  • 3.0.0

    • New features
      • Port Certificate authentication mode to Solaris
      • Implementation of the passive mode with customized ports range
      • Transfer statistics logged on server side
    • Fixes
    • Installation
  • 2.2.2

    • New features
      • Port to AIX5.1 and OSF1 5.1
      • Support of RFIO64 (ability to retrieve/store files > 2Gb from/into hpss and/or CASTOR)
      • Support of the Globus Toolkit 2.2 for certificate authentication
      • If BBFTPD has been built with certificates authentication module, it can now be launched with authentication restrictions(allow certificates only or allow user/password only). See BBFTPD man page.
      • Add option -g in the client command line to specify a Globus service name (certificate mode). Idea and implementation by Rod Walker and Kostas Georgiou.
    • Fixes
      • Bug with 2Gb files transfers on Linux 2.4 fixed
      • During the transfer, the file size is now growing in real time
      • Add -lcrypt in bbftpd linkedit when PAM is not used nor AFS.
    • Installation
      • GFW (GSS FrameWork) is now included in the BBFTP distribution archive and it is automatically compiled and linked during the build process.
  • 2.2.1

    • Improvements
      • Allow the daemon to be terminated by the kill command
      • Allow the same BBFTPD executable to accept client authentication via password, ssh and certificates
      • Allow the same BBFTP executable to authenticate via password, ssh and certificates
    • Fixes
      • Put/Get errors on RH7.1/7.2 against gcc2.96 due to strict aliasing optimizations
      • If the daemon cannot change directory into remote user home, it uses /tmp instead of sending an error
      • Short hostname in command line is now working in certificates mode
      • Remove RFIO temporary file only once in case of multi-stream transfer failure (server side)
  • 2.2.0-beta1

    • Add -n option to simulate the transfer
    • Fix certificate/local user mapping bug
    • Improve error messages between the daemon and the client
    • One connection try only while connecting with a certificate
  • 2.2.0-beta0

    • Add new authentication mode using certificates (available on Linux intel only)
    • Add -q flag (and setoption qbss) on client side in order to mark packets for QBSS (developed by Paola Grosso)
    • Add control commands in .bbftprc file to customize control stream and data stream time-outs (client and server)
    • Increase default time-outs for Control stream (180s) and Data stream (300s)
    • Support of Solaris2.8
    • Add $VERSION variable for multi-version installation
  • 2.2.0

    • Build process
      • Remove OpenSSL and Zlib packages from the distribution
      • Make compression and encryption optional in client
      • Make compression optional in server
      • Use configure script to setup build options
    • New features
      • Add 'get remoteFile localDir/' and 'put localFile remoteDir/' commands
      • Port the certificate mode for Solaris2.7
    • Fixes
      • Remove dirty 'x' flag in chmod with option 'nokeepmode'
      • Use AFS password request when built with AFS
      • Remove RFIO temporary file only once in case of multi-stream transfer failure
    • Licence
      • Add COPYING file
      • Insert licence notice in source files
  • 2.1.2

    • Fix COS 0 bug for HPSS/RFIO interface
  • 2.1.1

    • Add libraries for AFS support on AIX 4.3
  • 2.1.0

    • Port to Linux Power PC
    • Add the possibility to include a private authentication scheme
    • Add the -l option on daemon in order to define the log level. By default the daemon will not log anything.
    • Add the -m option on client to have special output for speed rate calculation
    • Correct bug on control file reading. If the last line ends without any carriage return it was not executed.
    • Modify Build, configure and Makefiles in order to have only one Makefile for all platforms.
    • Routines reorganisation in client and daemon
    • Add a deconnection message in order for the daemon to stop cleanly
  • 2.0.2

    • Corrects return code treatment in various routines
    • Corrects problems on the Linux version due to malign-double compilation parameter (severe)
    • Automatic detection of RFIO (instead of doing it in config.h)
    • Adapt client and daemon to CASTOR (RFIO at CERN)
  • 2.0.1

    • Correct the frequent "Interrupted system call" on the bbftpd daemon (patch01 and patch03 of 2.0.0)
    • Corrects put, mput and mget severe bug (patch02 of 2.0.0)
    • Port to IRIX64
    • Correct the bug on multiple ouput (bug shown by Alvise Dorigo)
    • Automaticly add "-s" option inside the "bbftpd command line" for -E option (to conform to version 1.9.4-tja1)
  • 2.0.0

    • Warning

      Release 2.0.0 is a major release, and the changes in the protocol between the client and the server lead to the following situation :

      • bbftpd server works with bbftp clients in version 2.0.0 and 1.x.x
      • bbftpc and bbftpcd are not provided in release 2.0.0
      • bbftp client in version 2.0.0 works only with bbftpd server version 2.0.0
      • Default control port has been changed from 4021 to 5021.

    • New authentication method using ssh (Tim Adye idea)
    • No more limitation on file name
    • No more limitation on stream number
    • New features on client command line
      • -L "ssh command"
      • -E "bbftpd command line"
      • -s for ssh mode
      • -S for ssh mode in batch (always not asking for a password)
      • -W for warning on stderr
      • -V for verbose mode (the old standart mode with the >> )
      • -e "control command ; control command" (several commands may be entered separated by ;)
      • -F "bbftprc file" (explained later)
    • New features on server command line
      • -v to print version number and default on stdout
      • -f not to use a fixed date port
      • -s to run started by ssh
    • New control commands
      • setbuffersize %d : define the read (and write) buffer size in Kbytes for each stream
      • setlocalcos %d : Define the local COS (RFIO only)
      • setremotecos %d : Define the remote COS (RFIO only)
      • setlocalumask %o : Define the local umask (default is the process umask)
      • setremoteumask %o : Define the remote umask (default 022)
      • setsendwinsize %d : Define the send window size (in Kbytes) on each stream for the server (in this case the receive window of the client is set to this value)
      • setrecvwinsize %d : Define the receive window size (in Kbytes) on each stream for the server (in this case the send window of the client is set to this value)
      • setnbstream %d : You can override the -p option with that command (all further commands are going to use this number of streams)
      • setoption [ [no]createdir | [no]tmpfile | [no]remoterfio | [no]localrfio | [no]keepmode |[no]keepaccess | [no]gzip ]
        • creatdir : automatic directory creation (default : creatdir)
        • tmpfile : always use a temporary file name (default : tmpfile)
        • remoterfio : set the server in rfio mode (default : noremoterfio)
        • localrfio : set the client in rfio mode (default : nolocalrfio)
        • keepmode : keep file mode (default : keepmode)
        • keepaccess : keep last access and last modif time (default : keepaccess)
        • gzip : compress on the flight (defaul : nogzip except if -c flag was used on command line)
    • New behaviour
      • If the option tmpfile is used then if the new file ( RemoteFile for a put or LocalFile for a get) did not exist before, bbftp ensures that the file transfer was correct if the file exists
      • In case of an already existing file, if the size, the last access and modification time are correct (if option keepaccess has been set) bbftp ensures that the file transfer was correct
      • After a successful connection to the daemon the client is going to execute all control commands located in the $HOME/.bbftprc file. The location of this file can be changed with option -F.
    • bbftp is now able to work on both side with RFIO, as RFIO is able to work with HPSS it is now
  • 1.9.4

    • Add -b options in bbftpd. This option allows a daemon compiled with DAEMONMODE equal a zero to be run in background.
    • Add -w options in bbftpd. This option tells bbftpd to listen on a different port. (Useful for debugging purposes or if several deamons have to run under several uid). This option cannot be used if running under inetd.
    • Add -w options in bbftp and bbftpcd. This option allows to connect to a bbftpd daemon listening a different port than the default.
    • Add a FIXEDDATAPORT in config.h parameter in order to tell bbftpd to use CONTROLPORT-1 localport for data socket.
    • Back to socket in blocking mode because Sun and Linux have a non documented behaviour if no network buffers are available.
    • Compilation and Installation guide changed.
  • 1.9.1

    • Correct a bug in PAM authentication in bbftpd.
    • Change the command putrfio in rfioput (if RFIO is supported).
    • Add the command rfioget (if RFIO is supported).
    • Add the command setlocalcos (if RFIO is supported).
    • Add -l option on bbftp and bbftpc clients to define the COS (mainly for use in bbftpc -e) (if RFIO is supported)
    • Add -o option on bbftpcd in order to keep the bbftpcd pid in a file
    • Change the output of all -v option in order to know if the client has been compiled with RFIO
    • Support for HP-UX 10.20
  • 1.9.0

    • Add putrfio command in all clients (if RFIO is supported).
    • Add support for PAM authentication.
    • Add support for shadow password in authentication.
    • Use of the autoconf utilitie in order to help port for clients and daemon.
    • Support for AIX 4.3
    • Ability to stop clients via Ctrl^C or via SIGTERM
    • Add -r option on client to define the number of tries
    • Manual pages in html format

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